Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to get started swing dancing is with a free half hour introductory private lesson. This is a great introduction to the dance and to the studio, and we are happy to discuss with you all of our classes, dances and great membership options. To schedule your lesson, just give us a call at 916-458-4770 or fill out the form located here.

Coming out swing dancing is a great way to meet new people. We encourage everyone to ask new people to dance every night, and we rotate partners in the lessons. People you meet in the lesson, you’ve already danced with and you can easily ask them to dance later in the night! If you already have a partner and do not wish to rotate during classes that’s okay too.

Wear what is comfortable for you! Some people dress up, some people dress vintage, and other people wear jeans and a T-shirt. We especially recommend comfortable shoes or dance shoes with a small heal or wedge.

We love our venue and location in part because of the fact that we are regularly drawing a crowd that ranges in age between 16 and 80. We get many people of all ages every week!

We are primarily a vintage swing, sometimes called East Coast Swing, and Lindy Hop venue. We regularly teach lessons in those two dances plus Balboa, Charleston, Collegiate Shag or many other vintage dances from the 20’s thru the 50’s!

We have regular opportunities to perform with the Midtown Stompers performance team which has auditions regularly throughout the year. We also have opportunities to perform is in one of our studio showcases. Any of our instructors would be happy to talk to you about preparing a show piece.

Why Choose Us?

  • Meet new people in a fun, social atmosphere
  • One of the biggest swing dances on the West Coast
  • Get started today with a free half hour introductory private lesson
  • Opportunities to compete and perform with our swing dance team
  • Sacramento's only venue with regular live swing music and dancing
  • Enjoy our beautiful dance hall with one of the best dance floors in town
  • Amazing instructors who are sure to make you feel comfortable dancing
  • No partner needed! But if you have one, all of our lessons are great for you and a partner

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